Thursday, February 6, 2014

Show your bird some love!

This Valentine's Day show your birds how much you love them, by giving them something new and fun for both of you to enjoy. We are having our annual Valentine's Day sale February 12th through the 15th. Here is a list of things we will have for sale on those days.

All toys are 20% off
Bird Bath Sprays are 15% off
Feather Tethers are 15% off
Nests and Nestboxes are 15% off
Select treats are buy 1 get 1 25% off

Spend $20 and you'll receive a homemade Valentine Seed Treat that we made ourselves! We'll have 2 types available: outdoor bird treat or indoor.
If you would like to try to make this at home here is the link.

Reminder that chocolate is toxic to birds, do not give Valentine's Day chocolates as treats.

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