Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Feeling Lucky?

Stop by Birds of Paradise this weekend March 14, 15, & 17 for our annual St. Patrick's Day sale.

The sale will include;
Green Budgie Parakeets- $10
Toys with green parts - 20% off
Perches and ladders with green - 20% off
Green cages and carriers - 20% off
Green cups and mineral blocks - 10% off
There will also be select cages with green bows on them, these cages will be 20% off as well

Here are some other birds we have that will not be in our sale this weekend.
3 Green Cheek Conures (2 yellow sided and 1 pineapple)
2 Sun Conures (still being hand-fed)
Cockatiels (hand-fed)
Society & Zebra Finches
Barraband Parakeet
White-eyed Conure
Peach-fronted Conure
Budgie Parakeets (other than Green)

Stop by to see all the birds!

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