Wednesday, January 27, 2016

We are finally home!

Monday, January 25th
This day was a busy one. Mayo Clinic came to the facility Hal was staying at and did some blood work. They got all of his prescriptions ready for us to travel on Tuesday. He had his staples removed. We're watching the weather closely. We had some drizzle Monday afternoon that changed to snow that night. He had physical therapy, occupational therapy, a shower. He should sleep really well tonight.

Tuesday, January 26th
We had one more prescription that we had to get filled but the pharmacy didn't open until 9. We finally left Rochester around 10 am and it was snowing! The roads are a little ice packed. Going west-bound on I-90 there were deep drifts in the ditches; easily 6 foot. The snow had blown over and it reminded me of waves. All the trees had frost all over them; it was really quite beautiful. After about an hour, we made it to Albert Lea. After a few miles on I-35, the snow stopped, the highway turned dry. We had an uneventful trip til we got to Kansas City. We came across a large truck that had been on fire and we were caught in its traffic that was backed up forever. That was around 5:30. We got home a little after 10pm but I didn't get to bed until midnight.

I hope everyone can bare with me a little longer. It's going to be a few more days til I can leave him for long periods at a time. He's definitely getting stronger but not to where he can be alone all day. I'll continue to take baby steps with him and won't be able to be at the store full time. I do plan to trim but my schedule will be a little different. Please continue to be patient.

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you are at home and he is recovering. I am keeping you both in my prayers.